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So, you are contemplating a leap of faith into the inviting world of entrepreneurship? Congratulations, you have come to the  right place!


Here you will find inspiration, advice and tips from the veterans screened by the eagle eye of Genius Incubator. Afterall, we are in the business of incubating newborn ventures. When you are dealing with something as vulnerable and precious as your new born, you don't need as much advice as you get. You need tried and tested advice from experts you can trust your newborn's life with! Read on..



Get a taste of the spirit of enterprise. Watch the live telecast of The Global Entrepreneurship Week at The British Library, london, Nov 16th - 20th


How to pick a co-founder?



What to do at networking events?


Stay lean as long as you can. Lean is good when it comes to startups.



How to hire employee #1, when you are ready!




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